Under 18's

U18 Head Coach – Liam Fitz-Gerald

Liam Fitz-Gerald originally joined the club in 2019, working with the younger groups in our senior academy space. Since then, Liam has demonstrated a high competency for youth development and was appointed the U18s head coach for the 2021 season, which he will continue into 2022. Liam does a fine job at helping transition players into morning training and help provide them with the detail required to succeed in a senior environment.


Tiago Quintal

Louis Agosti

Zane Schreiber

Will Faulder

Max Vartuli

Steven Kriezis

Danilo Mizdrak

Gregory John

Dominique Sameenang

Carter Foxe

Dion Vallianos

Adrian Pini

Rawley St John

Will Kennedy

Daniel Rasera

Morrie Kamara

Sebastian Kiceec

Miguel Goncalves