#SydneyFanChat Transcript with Matt Jurman

Fresh from scoring his first ever Hyundai A-League goal during the massive Sydney Derby on Saturday night, Matt Jurman hosted the live #SydneyFanChat.

Fresh from scoring his first ever Hyundai A-League goal during the massive Sydney Derby on Saturday night, Matt Jurman hosted the live #SydneyFanChat. During the hour we learnt what his favourite romcom his, how he felt after scoring during the Derby and why Matty decided to come back to Sydney FC .

Joshua Mackay: Whats your favourite thing about being a central defender?? #SydneyFanChat Probably pulling off a big tackle or goal line clearance

Jake Campbell: Hey matt was Hersi having a go at SFC during the week, help inspire u's to win the game? #SydneyFanChat It pumped me up definitely, because I know that our fans are by far the best & more than 5!!

Liam El Ruzo: Was the derby win on Saturday one of the most memorable matches you've played in? #SydneyFanChat Yeah the atmopshere was probably the best I've played in and to come from behind was something special

Liam El Ruzo: How much of a difference do you think the Og-Monster has had on turning around Sydney's fortunes this year? #SydneyFanChat He's had a big influence. His leadership qualities have impressed me & I've learnt things from him already

Jake Campbell: Congrats on ur first goal for SFC man, loved the look on ur face :)? #SydneyFanChat It was special scoring my first goal in the Derby, I didn't really know how to celebrate I just lost it!

William McInnes: How are you finding the LB position? You played very well there on Saturday night! #SydneyFanChat It's a bit of a different position for me. I played there a few years ago & every week I'm enjoying it more

Dannyboy: Your shoulder has looked great this season and finally got off the mark last weekend? Has it been doing extra training Matty? #SydneyFanChat Thanks a lot. Yeah my shoulder has done a lot of extras this season so it was good to see it get the reward

#SydneyIsSkyBlue: You had a hard time up in Brisbane. What lessons did you take out of that experience? #SydneyFanChat I really enjoyed my first year with Ange & learnt how to be mentally stronger when things aren't going well.

Simon: Matty what made you comeback to Sydney? Is beating Melbourne or Western Sydney better? #SydneyFanChat They are both big rivals, so it's good to get a win against them both!

Dragana: Congratulations Matty on your first goal! Well deserved! what's your favorite guilty pleasure? #SydneyFanChat Thanks! In the off season I like to enjoy my food whilst watching movies

JohnsonSportsMusic: Matt Jurman, congratulations on scoring your first goal. Who is the tough opponent you face in the Sydney derby #SydneyFanChat Tomi Juric

Hamish Dunham: Matt, you have signed a 1-year deal with the club. Do you think you will extend your stay? #SydneyFanChat Yeah I signed a 1 year deal. I'd love to stay in sky blue for more years to come.

Kane Cassidy: What was behind your decision to come back to Sydney FC? did it surprise you when you got the call?? #SydneyFanChat I had unfinished business with the club and wanted to win another title with @SydneyFC!

Adrian Galimi: Who was your favourite roommate at Brisbane roar? #SydneyFanChat None other than big Rocco @Visconte11

Rocky Visconte: How long are your legs in centre metres? #SydneyFanChat Do you mean centimeters @Visconte11? As long as it took you to get your license..

Alex Wain: What's the most important thing @delpieroale has taught you since your time at the club? #SydneyFanChat To believe in yourself and enjoy football. He is so passionate about the game - it's a pleasure to play with him

RBB Officially: What's your favourite romantic comedy?? #SydneyFanChat 50 First Dates

Brad Denlow: Matt how does the derby rate in big games you have played ? #SydneyFanChat It's the biggest Derby I've played in. The fans are so passionate and make the game so special

Dannyboy: If you could play overseas in any country, which country would you want to play in? #SydneyFanChat I've always enjoyed watching the EPL and the Bundesliga so either England or Germany

William McInnes: What is it like playing alongside Petkovic and Ognenovski? #SydneyFanChat It has been good to play with the 2 big boys, they're very passionate and hate losing

drian Galimi: Would you classify yourself as a ladies man Matty? And if so do you have any tips for people like @nickdareegz ? #SydneyFanChat Probably not to slick your hair back too much like Elvis @nickdareegz

jonathan zalunardo: How high does Saturdays derby rate in terms of other crowds you have played in front of? #SydneyFanChat It's the most fierce game I've played in with the stadium being noisy from both sets of fans

Adrian Galimi: Is it true @Visconte11 pre game ritual is to wear a g-string while making breakfast #SydneyFanChat None other than big Rocco

Alex Wain: Which (if any) player do you think still has a chance (or should on the plane) for Brazil w/ @socceroos #SydneyFanChat I think probably Sasa and Terry A have been playing well recently so could be a chance.

you make me STRONG.: How much u think did u learn in this last 2years with the senior experience of ADP? Any jealousy about him #SydneyFanChat In the last year it's been great to play with him and I've learned a lot playing with someone of that calibre

Rhyan Grant: Matty, why do they call you Matt Damon? #SydneyFanChat I don't know - probably because of that Teen America movie Thanks

George Enwiya: Can you guys make a strong push for the finals? #SydneyFanChat Yes we can, we've won 3 out of the last 4 so hopefully we can keep pushing with victories

Georgia W: Awesome goal Jurman! So glad I was there to see it. Do you find you're comfortable in that left back position? #SydneyFanChat Glad you enjoyed the goal. Yes I feel more comfortable every week

Bay 26: Which two teammates would you cast in True Detective season 2?? #SydneyFanChat I'm not sure what it is but probably take Vedran and Petkovski

William McInnes: If Vedran and Ivan both go down in a game, are you putting up your hand to pull on the gloves? #SydneyFanChat Yes I would my brother once did it and saved a penalty

Alex Wain: What's been the biggest change @SydneyFC since coming back from @BrisbaneRoar? #SydneyFanChat Probably the personnel. Football changes pretty quickly!

Chris Codling: Do you think it's time that Goal Line Technology was introduced to the A-League. #SydneyFanChat Until I have a chance cleared off the line then I don't mind

Luis Charalambous: How will you guys contain Berisha next match? #SydneyFanChat We are going to have to concentrate for 90 minutes and work as a team

Kate Cohen: If you lost a bet and had to drink 9 shots, would you do it? Or are you against binge drinking? #SydneyFanChat I wouldn't bet like that so no. Binge drinking is not cool.

Sara M: Who do you think are the most promising players from the Sydney FC youth team? @Jurman_5 #SydneyFanChat Couldn't pick one out because the whole team has done well and won the NYL as a team

Karlo Kourieh: Do you listen to Blaze before the game? ;) #SydneyFanChat Yes I listen to Blaze and recommend everyone checks him out. Good up and coming rapper.