Sydney FC stars give their WC tips

On the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, find out which team Sydney FC's A-League winning stars think will progress to the Group Stage and go on to win the tournament.

Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Ivan Necevski: South Africa & France Liam Reddy: Uruguay & France Shannon Cole: Mexico & France Hayden Foxe: Uruguay & France Antony Golec: Mexico & France Rhyan Grant: South Africa & France Matthew Jurman: Mexico & France Sebastian Ryall: South Africa & Mexico Brendan Gan: Mexico & France Terry McFlynn: Uruguay & France Mark Bridge: Uruguay & France Alex Brosque: Uruguay & France Kofi Danning: France & Mexico

Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece

Ivan Necevski: Argentina & Greece Liam Reddy: Argentina & Nigeria Shannon Cole: Argentina & Greece Hayden Foxe: Argentina & Nigeria Antony Golec: Korea Rep. & Argentina Rhyan Grant: Argentina & Korea Rep. Matthew Jurman: Korea Rep. & Argentina Sebastian Ryall: Argentina & Nigeria Brendan Gan: Argentina & Korea Rep. Terry McFlynn: Nigeria & Argentina Mark Bridge: Nigeria & Argentina Alex Brosque: Greece & Argentina Kofi Danning: Nigeria & Argentina

Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Ivan Necevski: England & Slovenia England & USA Shannon Cole: England & USA Hayden Foxe: England & USA Antony Golec: Slovenia & England Rhyan Grant: England & USA Matthew Jurman: England & USA Sebastian Ryall: England & USA Brendan Gan: England & USA Terry McFlynn: England & USA Mark Bridge: England & USA Alex Brosque: England & USA England & USA

Group D: Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana

Ivan Necevski: Germany & Serbia Liam Reddy: Germany & Ghana Shannon Cole: Germany & Australia Hayden Foxe: Germany & Australia Antony Golec: Germany & Ghana Rhyan Grant: Germany & Australia Matthew Jurman: Germany & Australia Sebastian Ryall: Germany & Australia Brendan Gan: Germany & Serbia Terry McFlynn: Germany & Serbia Mark Bridge: Germany & Australia Alex Brosque: Germany & Ghana Kofi Danning: Germany & Ghana

Group E: Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

Ivan Necevski: Netherlands & Denmark Liam Reddy: Netherlands & Japan Shannon Cole: Netherlands & Japan Hayden Foxe: Netherlands & Denmark Antony Golec: Netherlands & Denmark Rhyan Grant: Netherlands & Cameroon Matthew Jurman: Netherlands & Denmark Sebastian Ryall: Netherlands & Cameroon Brendan Gan: Netherlands & Cameroon Terry McFlynn: Netherlands & Japan Mark Bridge: Netherlands & Cameroon Alex Brosque: Netherlands & Cameroon Kofi Danning: Netherlands & Cameroon

Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

Ivan Necevski: Italy & Slovakia Liam Reddy: Italy & Paraguay Shannon Cole:Italy & Paraguay Hayden Foxe: Slovakia & Italy Antony Golec: Italy & Slovakia Rhyan Grant: Italy & Paraguay Matthew Jurman: Italy & Paraguay Sebastian Ryall: Italy & Slovakia Brendan Gan: Italy & Paraguay Terry McFlynn: Italy & Slovakia Mark Bridge: Italy & Paraguay Alex Brosque: Italy & Paraguay Kofi Danning: Italy & Paraguay

Group G: Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Ivan Necevski: Brazil & Portugal Liam Reddy: Brazil & Ivory Coast Shannon Cole: Brazil & Portugal Hayden Foxe: Brazil & Portugal Antony Golec: Ivory Coast & Portugal Rhyan Grant: Brazil & Portugal Matthew Jurman: Brazil & Ivory Coast Sebastian Ryall: Brazil & Ivory Coast Brendan Gan: Brazil & Portugal Terry McFlynn: Brazil & Portugal Mark Bridge: Brazil & Ivory Coast Alex Brosque: Brazil & Portugal Kofi Danning: Ivory Coast & Brazil

Group H: Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

Ivan Necevski: Spain & Chile Liam Reddy: Spain & Switzerland Shannon Cole: Spain & Switzerland Hayden Foxe: Spain & Chile Antony Golec: Spain & Switzerland Rhyan Grant: Spain & Switzerland Matthew Jurman: Chile & Spain Sebastian Ryall: Spain & Switzerland Brendan Gan: Spain & Switzerland Terry McFlynn: Spain & Switzerland Mark Bridge: Spain & Chile Alex Brosque: Spain & Chile Kofi Danning: Spain & Chile

Who will win the tournament?

Ivan Necevski: Spain Liam Reddy: Spain Shannon Cole: Spain Hayden Foxe: Brazil Antony Golec: Portugal Rhyan Grant: Argentina Matthew Jurman: Spain Sebastian Ryall: Argentina Brendan Gan: England Terry McFlynn: England Mark Bridge: England Alex Brosque: Spain Kofi Danning: Brazil