Sydney FC Excited to launch Teacher Ambassadors Program

Sydney FC are excited to unveil an inaugural Teacher Ambassadors program to commence in the new school year in 2017.

The idea behind the program is to create brand ambassadors within the community to help engage children within our heartland by encouraging participation in football, development of skills and to generate lifelong support of Sydney FC.

The Teacher Ambassadors program will see Sydney FC resource and recognise teachers who actively work for football within their school 

Each teacher selected in the program will be required to promote football participation and Sydney FC programs within schools to educate and raise awareness for healthy active lifestyles via various programs and campaigns run by Sydney FC. In return the club will reward and recognise teachers through exlcusive information and experiences with the club.

Sydney FC Community Football Manager Paul Reid said the Teacher Ambassadors program would aid in the education of football and healthy living for young children.

“Football is the most participated sport in Australia and it’s crucial that the exposure to football isn’t limited in younger generations,” he said.

“We hope that the Teacher Ambassador program will aid in the promotion of healthy living for young children and further aid in the development of the next generation of Sydney FC fans.”

Registrations open from now through to January 16th, for more info visit