Shan's Shenanigans #2

Post World Cup and what are we all feeling? Tired? Upset? Satisfied?

Post World Cup and what are we all feeling? Tired? Upset? Satisfied?

Personally, I'm feeling tired. Not from the World Cup viewing. More so from running around ANZ stadium with one of the most competitive teams in the English Premier League.

So what was it like?...hard work, but, a lot of fun to be honest.

Obviously for some of my team mates, past and present, they've played against the best players in the biggest leagues in world football. For me, it was the first time I've played against a team from arguably the world's most famous league.

To be honest, and I'm happy to say this, it didn't feel all that different than any other game. No matter how good the oppostition, you still have to work to your maximum and play your own football. It was a pre-season game and both teams are working on our fitness and conditioning, but one could understand the fear of being overwhelmed by such an occasion.

Everton were fast, both on their feet and upstairs. That is to be expected from a team that regularly challenges for a top 4 spot in the EPL.

Apart from a couple of occasions where I struggled to see half the field due to the size of Victor Anichebe's back and shoulders, I felt very much in the game and focused solely on my job.

For anyone who was there on Saturday night, FYI, I genuinely thought I would win the ball when I brought down Arteta. I copped a bunch of texts after the game from mates abusing me because they were worried I had ruined their viewing of EPL highlights during the season.

Against pre-season regulations I asked for Magaye Gueye's jersey, I realise he probably wouldn't want mine but I would've appreciated his. Both clubs need them for remaining pre-season games so fingers crossed its coming in the mail...

Football really is the world game... As Australians, we should feel priviledged that teams such as Everton, AEK Athens, Rangers and Blackburn are coming here for their pre-season. We play in a league that is 5 years old.

We still have a lot to learn in this country about football and its culture. Having top European clubs playing games here will expose our fans to different styles of football, this will only assist the football education of fans who are probably suffering Post World Cup Depression.

The Sydney Festival of Football is in less than two weeks. For us as players its a great chance to get our football and fitness right for our first game of the season. For our fans (and all football lovers), it is a priceless opportunity to see your team (us of course) play against teams that compete in some of the strongest competitions in world football.

I'm not going to do the marketing for the games, someone else gets paid for that...what I will say is Blackburn, Rangers and AEK Athens may not play in Australia again for a while. So make the most of the opportunity to get involved and lap up the atmosphere the Cove are sure to dish out.

Thanks for reading guys.