My Top 5's - James Donachie

Looking to learn a little more about new Sky Blue James Donachie?  We asked him to list his Top 5 defenders and why.

Take a look at the stars that Donachie thinks are the greatest. 

Nemanja Vidic

"As a defender he was the biggest animal. Would win everything and put his body everywhere. 

"He was a beast of a centre back."

Vidic 1500x1000
Manchester United's beast of a former centre half

Carlos Puyol

"He wasn't a tall centre-back but his leadership at Barca for ten years and his mindset were the biggest weapons in his armoury.

"He was still an animal but without the height, it was unbelievable."

Puyol & Rooney
Barcelona's strapping centre-half shows Rooney who is in charge

Rio Ferdinand

"Rio was always described as a Rolls Royce of a defender or a Bentley when he played. He was unbelievably fast and there weren't many who could out run him back in the day. 

"As a Manchester United supporter for many years, he was immense."

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand on target for Leeds against Liverpool

Virgil Van Dijk

"He's the modern day Rio Ferdinand. He has unbelievable technique for a centre-back and he's a big boy as well.

"You can see when he's shooting from the half way line, that he's a bit of a freak and probably the best modern day centre-half."

Virgil Van Dijk 1500x1000
Liverpool's defensive master van Dijk in action

Sergio Ramos

"I think he has changed his game a lot over the years. He's probably the best on the ball as a centre back  in the world and is a bit of a monster with his shirt off. "

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos winning a header in his Real Madrid days
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