Lockdown With: Harry Van der Saag

With the lockdown in full effect across Sydney, we're finding out what the boys are getting up to at home as they cool down following Season 2020/21. 

Here's what Harry Van der Saag is getting up to during lockdown... 

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How do you feel now the season is done and dusted?

Yeah it was a long season, it would’ve been nice to get the three-peat but now it’s time to relax and re-boost for the upcoming season.

Stuck in lockdown, what have you been up to?

Not much to be honest, I’ve been just watching the Euros a bit, playing some golf and surfing - I actually split my chin open surfing ( 3 stitches 😂).

What's your go to form of entertainment during lockdown?

PlayStation 4 with my mates, watching some Netflix and exercising daily whether it’s taking my dog for a walk or going for a light run. 

Van der Saag in action during the season. Photos by Jaime Castaneda (@jamcas50)

Do you have any lockdown hacks to help you through this period?

Nothing really. I'm just enjoying down time to be honest. I haven’t done too much, just chilling out really, because football is tough mentally and physically throughout the year so I’m not minding the quiet and just resetting for the new season. 

Got a Netflix recommendation for us?

Atypical and Money Heist



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