Injury Update On Emerton, Bosschaart and Sherlock

Sydney FC physio Stan Ivancic provides members and fans with the latest updates on injuries to Brett Emerton, Pascal Bosschaart and Nathan Sherlock.

Stan's Injury Report

Pascal Bosschaart

“Pascal ruptured an Achilles tendon in the first game of the finals. He had surgery immediately after the injury. He-s been immobilised in a boot and crutches since then and he-s not meant to be putting any full weight on the leg until the beginning of June. Then he-ll start getting some rehabilitation with the aim of getting it gradually stronger before progressing through to running, and then without any complications, back to playing. Essentially the rehabilitation plan will take another 3 to 4 months and the aim will be that he will be available by the start of the season.”

Brett Emerton

“Brett had surgery to his ankle two weeks ago. The main aim of the surgery was to repair a ruptured ligament in his ankle that he sustained earlier in the season. The ligament is important to give stability to the ankle. He was able to play the rest of the season with that injury through management and modifying his training and workloads. The doctor was very happy with the way that things went. He repaired the ligament, he basically sewed it back to the bone and he also cleaned out the ankle. There was some degeneration, some wear and tear that needed to be cleaned out and that is now good as new. Similarly to Pascal, he is in a boot and crutches and is not doing any full weight bearing until the end of this month. At this stage the plan is that he-ll be out 4 to 5 months at worst. All things being equal he-ll be ready for the start of the season as well.”

Nathan Sherlock

“Nathan has had a long standing problem with his groins. Essentially both the abductor muscles which join up to the groin were very tight and there was a build-up of scar tissue which caused him on-going pain. That couldn-t be relieved properly with rehab and physio. On the advice of the surgeon he had a release in both abductors which basically meant cutting away some of the thickened tissue and breaking down some of that scarring. Now he-s at a phase where he-s just resting and strengthening the area and he needs another week or two before he-ll start a programme of building up to walking and jogging. At this stage we-re looking at a good three to four months before he-s ready to start training and playing properly.”

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