Get To Know: E-League Star Samer96_

Get to know about our E-League Xbox star Samer 'Samer96_' Elbadar as the competition gains traction with the Sky Blues' sitting equal top of the table after two rounds. 


1 – How’d you get into FIFA and what made you start playing competitively?

I’ve been playing FIFA since FIFA 08. I always thought I was quite good but there was never really a competitive mode so you couldn’t test yourself against the other best players until FIFA 17 and the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) Championships started. That was when you could really know how good you were and that’s when I realised that I actually am pretty good at the game and I started taking it more seriously.

2 – What do you enjoy most about playing E-Sports competitively?

The most pleasing thing would be the fun factor of playing at live events. I really enjoy playing at the live venues, it gives me a lot of joy.

3 – What are your thoughts on the E-League?

The E-League is fantastic, I think they’re doing a really good job with the presentation of it and covering all the games and scores. They’re doing really well.

4 – How’d you feel to be selected by Sydney FC for the E-League?

When my name was selected from the draft it was a bit of a surreal moment, I never thought I’d be representing Sydney FC. It was a surreal moment and I was really happy when I was selectd.

5 – You switched to Xbox for the E-League when you usually play PlayStation, why?

I’m comfortable playing on either console. Sydney FC said they needed me for the Xbox side so I was happy to play on that side and accept the offer.

6 – What are your goals in the E-League this season?

One of my goals is to go through the first nine rounds undefeated as a team and then once we enter the Finals my goal is obviously to win the whole thing.

7 – Just finally, apart from the E-League, what do you do?

At the moment I’m studying at TAFE full time and work on the weekend’s full time too. In terms of hobbies, I still play football and also go to the gym when I can.


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