Captain's Column: Refreshing Time Off

Hi All

We have expert staff that help us schedule our downtime for recovery and relaxation and this week we had a bit moe time for ourselves.

However, even with a long break between games, all the girls have been hard at work training making sure they’re at peak fitness as we come up against the Jets this Sunday at Cromer Park.  

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This is one of the best starts we’ve had for the last couple of years and we need to make sure that we maintain this momentum into the next few fixtures so we can continue this trail blazing start to the season.

While I think it’s too early to be focused on the ladder, if we keep working hard at training and make sure our performances are up to a high standard, I am confident that the results will keep coming our way and we will be a very successful team this season.

The only downside to this long break is the extended period of not playing a full game, so this week we also really focused on the speed and level of play as we can definitely be our best friend but also our own worst enemy from time to time and that can lead to us getting caught out in certain areas.

Saying that there is still lots of room for improvement and things that we can tweak, and I think especially in our attacking play through our training sessions this week we have really taken it up a notch, making sure we’re always staying humble as there is always areas to work on.

So while an extended period of time off is also a refreshing period of time, we have made sure we have put in the hard yards over this last week so that we are ready this Sunday

Can’t wait to see you there!

Teresa Polias
Sydney FC Captain