Bobô's Top Penalty Taking Tips

Sydney FC striker Bobô offers his top penalty taking tips to all you budding forwards.


What are the most important things to do to make sure you score?

I try to send the goalkeeper the wrong way. Sometimes they make my job easy because they go early and I just put the ball in the net.

Is it difficult to keep calm when waiting to take the penalty?

Earlier in my career yes, but now that I’ve got experience I just stay calm and concentrated.

Do you decide where you’ll be placing the ball prior to taking the kick itself?

Yes sometime I’ll decide to place the ball in the corner, because I know it is difficult for the keeper [to save] but other times I’ll just wait for the keeper and try to read his movement.

Bobô scores from the spot against the Wanderers.

What’s the best way to improve your penalty taking?

Practicing in training, but I do believe that taking penalties in a game is about calmness, concentration, and scoring. Games have a different atmosphere to training because you have the fans there so the most important thing is to stay calm and score.

Do you have any sort of lucky ritual you conduct before taking a penalty?

Nothing, I just try to stay as calm as possible to give me the best possible chance of scoring.


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