Club Ambassador Program

Sydney FC are looking for Sydney FC local club enthusiasts to be part of our Club Ambassador’s program for the club throughout the 2018/19 season.

What does Sydney FC want out of having a Club Ambassador program?

Sydney FC wants to create brand ambassadors within our community football clubs to increase the chances of fandom and game attendance from Sydney FC associated participants. The program will be active across all SFC’s home games of the 2018/19 Season. We hope to successfully send a network of full buses travelling to Sydney FC home games from local club grounds. 

What does the Sydney FC Club Ambassador get out of the program?

Sydney FC will resource and recognise Club Ambassadors who actively promote and sell the ticket and bus combo package, or a standalone bus ticket throughout their club. Our hope is that we provide access to personal rewards via memberships, merchandise and inner sanctum experiences that make the time and effort worthwhile for Sydney FC Club Ambassadors.

What does Sydney FC expect from our Club Ambassadors?

  • To be the main point of contact for your club, actively promoting updates and information from Sydney FC to your local club.
  • Promote all or targeted home games through the club’s newsletter, digital channels or physical locations throughout the club aiming to fill a bus of 50 per game.
  • Use, wear and display the Sydney FC brand where possible throughout the season at the club’s locations and on the buses on match day, including set up of buses on day with branding, giveaways and music.

What will Sydney FC provide to our Club Ambassadors?

  • All-inclusive General Admission access and bus ticket for the participating home games.
  • Sydney FC Club Ambassadors Pack including a cap and polo.
  • Cash Donation of $1,000 back to your local club as a reward for filling a bus to at least three games.
  • Ongoing support and updates from the Sydney FC Community football staff in relation to club initiatives and events throughout the year.


If you are interested in becoming a Club Ambassador and driving our Sky Blue Shuttle Program for your club, please express your interest by entering your club’s details.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Taylor Cahill.