2018/19 Membership Info


As a current, or hopefully future Sydney FC Member, we understand you are probably curious as to what the future holds.

Currently we estimate that we will be away from Allianz Stadium, our 13 year home, for the next three Hyundai A-League seasons, starting with the 2018/19 season.

Much thought and planning has been undertaken, along with Member consultation, and we hope to provide you with some great options for you and your friends & family!

Please take the time to read the information below, we hope to answer all your questions.

Where Will Sydney FC Be Playing?

Sydney FC will play at the following 3 venues for 2018/19:

The Famous SCG

Jubilee Oval (Kogarah)

Leichhardt Oval


6 Games

# Games TBC

# Games TBC

How Will This Affect My Membership?

2017/18 Full Season Members:
Our Platinum Plus, Platinum, Silver, Cove and Bronze Members are currently scheduled to automatically roll over on May 25. If you have been paying monthly up until now, you will continue to pay monthly with a new amount. If you paid all upfront, or changed to all upfront last season, you will once again be charged the full amount on May 25. The Loyalty Discount price will be available for Full Season Members until June 25.

Our Membership Categories will remain the same, and for SCG and Jubilee Oval (Kogarah) Full Season Members will be allocated seats as close as possible to your current arrangements. Once an assignment has been made, all Members will be given a chance to comment on their seat assignation.

For Leichhardt Oval, all Members will be allocated GA seating. Membership Prices in Silver, Platinum & Platinum Plus have been reduced to compensate for this. Members will be given preference to upgrade to reserved seating, in order of Membership Category and length of loyalty. The upgrade costs are the difference between a bronze and reserved seat price, but are limited by the capacity of the Stadium.

Supporter, Out of Sydney and W-League Members are not expected to experience any change in their Membership when rolling over. Baby Members will roll over into Toddler Members, and Toddler Members reaching 4 will roll over into Junior general admission Members.

What Are My Options If I Don’t Like The New Stadiums?

We understand some Members may not wish to move away from Moore Park, so we plan to create some Part Season Membership options:

  • 6 Game SCG Only
  • Jubilee Oval Only (# Games TBC)
  • 6 Game Flexi  - any 6 games at SCG, Jubilee Oval or Leichhardt Oval (General Admission Only)

Part Season Members at SCG or Jubilee Oval will be allocated a seat after Full Season Members.
Flexi Members will be able to upgrade to allocated seats and only pay the difference between a general admission and reserved seat.

Members wishing to change to Part Season, or change their Full Season seating category can do so in the opt-out/change period between April 25 and May 22. Members who do not renew or provide payment by June 25 will be deemed as non-renewing and will lose their seating preferences and Loyalty Discount price.

Returning To Moore Park – 2021/2022 Season

From 2021/2022 season we expect our new home to be complete. Seating Preferences for our new home will be recognised in the following order:

  1. Loyalty – Members who stick with us on our journey during the rebuilding of the Stadium will be rewarded upon our return
  2. Equality – Members must retain their 2017/18 Membership Package through the journey to be given priority upon our return
  3. Opportunity – Members who join us on our journey over the next 3 seasons will be next in line for priority upon our return
  4. Family – Existing Members will be given the choice to add new Members upon our return

All these categories will be taken into account before seats are released to the general public.

What Do The Seating Maps Look Like?

SCG Seat Map

Sydney FC SCG Seat Map Draft


Jubilee Oval Seat Map

Jubilee Oval